lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

It's not the most dangerous thing I've ever done, but...

So, I'm a week late in writing this entry, but I have to file an update about our latest adventure: To Montezuma last weekend.

Montezuma is a cute little beach town on the Pacific Coast about 3 hours from Ciudad Colon. It's also known as Monte-fuma...I'll let you guess why...but nevertheless the laid back hippie vibe runs thick through the town. Drum circles, guitar players, sarongs and even a grass skirt or two mix in with a fairly normal looking group of tourists and ticos who call Montezuma home, or at least home away from home.

The cast of characters from this weekend was rich and hilarious:

The Maestro: Aka, the town drunk who greeted us with a t-shirt wrapped on his head as he strolled the street with a bottle of cacique (a Costa Rican liquor that is guaranteed to cause bad decisions). Shortly after making his first appearance, he lept onto the hood of a passive car in an apparent ninja move and was then thrown off of said hood. It's ok, he landed in the street without spilling a drop of his drink.

Machete Bob: Not sure what this guy's deal was, but he appeared in the street late at night wielding two machetes and doing some serious samurai moves. The best part was that no one from the town was remotely phased by someone walking down the street in a manner such as this. One of the folks from town walked over calmly to him and after a few minutes of cajoling, the machetes were traded for a beer and Bob went on his way. I'd imagine the conversation went something like this: "Bob, we've talked about this, please stop scaring the nice tourists...Bob, Boooooobbbbbb...WHOA Bob!"

Anyway the rest of the weekend involved plenty of beach time. Montezuma is definitely a town I'd recommend visiting if you make it down to CR!