viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

New Beginnings

For me, 2010 was a year of transition. Leaving Denver, stopping in Delaware for a few months then going back to DC to get a start on my grad program at AU in Washington DC. The last few weeks have been the most hectic transition ever - between an apartment move out, a re sorting at home and then an international move - life has been hectic.

Fortunately, that hectic pace is already starting to feel a bit more relaxed. I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica this afternoon and made my way (with the help of fellow UPeace student, Nora) to Ciudad Colon and ultimately my house. Other than a walk through Colon and a grocery store adventure, nothing much has happened.

That is, other than for me realizing that learning spanish is something I need to get on pronto.

I'll post occasional updates about my continuing adventure here. Please excuse any cultural insensitivity I may display, I am after all, a gringo.

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  1. Querido hermanastro,

    No puedo esperar leer mas! TIenes que poner muchas fotos en tu sitio de web. Buena suerte en Costa. Estoy celosa que estas alli.